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<p>Full disclosure: I love Peter Molyneux. His enthusiasm for making games and seeing this big, grand picture in his head has definitely caused him trouble in the past, but it's always kind of inspiring to see someone be enthusiastic in what has become, at times, a dark and horrible gaming environment.</p><p>Anyway, he's finally talking about 22Cans' next game, a new city-building/god-game/toy-construction simulator called Legacy. It's based off his first ever game, The Entrepeneur, which he made by himself back in 1984, but with a few more modern bells and whistles. Like user-generated content, for starters.</p><p>Red Bull Gaming has a full video of it which I'll throw in below, and from what we've seen so far, it looks super lovely. The graphics are chunky and colourful, kind of like The Trail (22Cans' previous game), and the actual gameplay looks like the kind of thing Molyneux is known for - messing about with people's lives on a grand scale.</p>.

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