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Game introduction

Love made them not; with acture they may be,<p>Power Volt is an upcoming physics-based action game from independent developer Connor Little, also known as Wave10. It will be launching for both iOS and Android on October 23rd and will see players flinging a cute box around different levels to complete a variety of tasks.</p><p>In Power Volt, each stage will see players having to navigate a series of different challenges by tactically throwing a box. This will predominately involve hitting switches to open up portals, bumping objects into others, avoiding lethal hazards and landing on weaker on enemies to destroy them.</p>Slash Quest review - "Familiar yet totally different"<p>The game is divided into a series of zones, each offering a different environmental look - such as fire, ice and space - and set of challenges to overcome. Waiting for players at the end of each of them will be a tough boss who will likely put everything they've practised throughout that zone to the test.</p>

Game features:

1、The naked and concealed fiend he covered,&#;

2、�Revelation of Eden(beta)

3、The Two Travelers and the Axe&#;


Game play:

1、�Upon her head a platted hive of straw,


3、'Well could he ride, and often men would say,&#;


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