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5 SUPER EASY DIY Christmas home decor ideas to make your home the next Bethlehem

Christmas home decor ideas
Written by Kristina

Santa is already on his way but have you started decorating your home yet? If not, don’t wait any longer. I have brought you 5 exclusive DIY decorations ideas with which you can Quickly and easily transform your home into a new christmas hut. Read the full post to find out the awesome ideas. 

Decor 1: Garlands out of Felt paper

One of the most fantastic ideas is to make felt paper garlands, you can do it very easily. All you gotta do is cut out little rectangles of the felt paper sheet and roughly stick them to form a bunch. You’ll need to make at least 30-40 such bunches to make a good length garland, attach them with a string and boom there you go, can also add decorative christmas balls to your garland. You have your felt paper garland.  You can now drape this string on your Christmas tree or simply hang it on your living room wall or can also attach it at the door.

Decor 2: Snowflakes out of Popsicle 

You can easily use the popsicle stickers to make artificial snowflakes. Collect a bunch of popsicles, paint them white or light blue and stick them together in the shape of a snowflake as shown in the following images. You may use several  other snowflake patterns along with you for reference while constructing your snowflakes.

Decor 3: Wreath with the thread spools

What is Christmas without a wreath? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you a hack to make your own  wreath with the thread spools. Simply take a bunch of thread spools with different coloured threads or empty spools so that you can wrap them with colored ropes, if you want too. Glue them on a wreath base one on another. Make sure to stick them in such a way that every inch is filled and is in organised order don’t mess the wreath else the show will be haphazard.

Paper Pine trees

The pine symbolized the christmas tree. You can decorate the dining table with small pine tree candles. Just take a sheet of (both sides) dark green coloured paper, draw cute little pine trees and cut them out. Stick them in glasses with some transparent glue and place a candle inside each glass to make the perfect centre table Christmas decor which will surely impress your guests. 

Painted Christmas spoons

Another super easy-peasy trick to make your dining table look more christmas is add some christmas spoons. Yup you heard right, christmas spoons, all you gotta do is take wooden spoons and paint Christmas characters like Santa Claus, reindeers, snowmen, etc on them or stick embellishments on it to give it a more realistic effect. The best idea is to keep them in a basket next to the Christmas tree to bring in the real Christmas vibe.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post. Start decorating your home today with the DIY hacks. For more such tricks and pricks keep coming in our site. 

              Merry Christmas in Advanced !!!

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