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How to Clean a Doormat Properly at Home

Doormat cleaning
Written by Kristina

Hello visitors, you must be wondering what’s new today. So i’m here with tips on dealing with something that we all regularly encounter in our day-to-day life. Yup, i’ll be writing here about how you can clean a doormat properly at your home. Not only that, I’ll also give you some tips on how to maintain your doormat so that cleaning a doormat doesn’t become a headache for you. So go on read the full article.

How to clean a Doormat properly on a daily basis 

         Well, cleaning the doormat daily isn’t really a hard task. For that daily cleaning you don’t need any water or there is also no  issue of drying. Infact, I would always suggest that regular cleaning of your doormat is a very good idea so as to have a cleaner lifestyle and reduce your labour of cleaning your doormat all together. After all a dirty and unhygienic doormat is enough to make a home unhealthy and make you fall sick. So to avoid that you can just get your vacuum cleaner and clean off your mat in just a few seconds. You can also dust off your doormat outside home daily that would remove all the dust, dry grass or mud or other materials off from your mat. 

How to wash a Doormat properly 

However, even though you clean your doormat daily it isn’t really enough. Ooopppss, but you need to wash your doormat after certain intervals of time maybe once in a month or once in two months or so as per your convenience. Washing and drying your mat is important so as to keep the bacterias and other harmful germs that might cause you illness. 

           So here are some tips for you which you can follow, to wash and dry your doormat quite effortlessly. However, you’ll need some of the important Equipments to Clean Door Mat, which are as follows:

  • A Vacuum Cleaner to clean your doormat daily.  
  • A little detergent and a small bowl to soak the mat in soapy water.
  • A regular Washing machine to clean the doormat finely.
  • For the perfect complete cleansing, a good Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo is also necessary.

So here we go:

Step 1: Basic cleansing

Dusting off the bulky dust before washing your doormat in the washing machine is actually really helpful, it fastens the process. Also, just don’t simply dust your mat and throw it in the washing machine with some detergent. Instead, take a bowl large enough to accommodate the mat, filled with water (preferably luke warm) and mix your detergent in it until it has got enough Foam thereafter soak the doormat in it. You don’t have to contort too much. Just a gentle rub to detach all the bulky dirt from the doormat will do.

Step 2: Washing Machine Work 

Here comes the most easy part, yup once you are done with the basic cleansing part the next step is an easy one. All you gotta do is put your socked mat, ooopps it might be a little heavy, but you can do it. Put the socked mat in the washing machine, don’t forget to add your favorite Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo and there you go, your washer will get it all done. The deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo will smoothly wash away all the stains and malodor from the mat and leave behind a sweet smell in your mat. 

Caution: Never ever make that mistake of setting to fast mode cleansing while choosing the mode of your washing machine, it will ruin it all and you’ll end up having a mat all threaded out. 

Step 3: Drying out your doormat 

The last step and the most important one too, is to dry off your mat. Before telling you the proper way to dry your mat I want you to know that if you grip hardly so as to dry off your mat, lemme say that it isn’t  the proper way. It will destroy the texture of your mat in the long run even though you can’t see any immediate degradation. The proper way to dry off your mat is to hook it in the air after cleaning it properly, (rinse in your washer several times so as to ensure that no soapiness remains). Let all the water pour down from the mat, slowly. Don’t forget to hook your mat in a place that receives a good amount of wind and sunshine. It generally takes 6-7 hours to dry properly and become usable again.

   Important tips to keep in mind:

  • Remember to add a gream cleaning liquid with the water, during your basic cleansing. This will help to kill germs and make your mat germs free. However,  adding the germs cleaner liquid to the washing machine isn’t really a good idea.
  • Always remember that using a vacuum cleaner is better than dusting the mat or flicking the mat on the wall. Dusting the doormat will ruin it faster. Also, it is not good for the home environment as the germs or any other bacterias will be introduced into the environment.
  • Please note that the water you use for basic clean should not be hot water at all, it will destroy your mat otherwise. Always use lukewarm water as it provides better cleaning. Also don’t forget to use cool water for rinsing your mat. 
  • Never ever squeeze or twist your mat, it might help you remove the excess water and seem to cause no harm initially. However, it will ruin your mat in the long run. It also decreases the durability of the doormat.

Keeping a clean doormat is the sign of a sophisticated good house. Also, it creates the mindset of the guest of a well-maintained house. Though, cleaning the doormat every now and then isn’t really possible cause it serves as the entrance to your house, but you can obviously clean it once a day. Also, proper washing of the doormat once a month is mandatory. I Hope, got the idea of how to clean a doormat properly and that now you will keep your doormat fresh and clean and have a healthier life. So that was all I wanted to convey to you through this post, hope you enjoyed reading it. 

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