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<p>Nvidia is recalling and replacing Shield Pro units due to an apparent hard drive issue.</p><p>Note that this only applies to the Shield Pro - that's the console with 500GB storage - and not the 16GB Shield.</p><p>The issue stems from the Shield Pro not updating properly after Upgrade 1.4. You'll know if this applies to you if your device has these symptoms:</p><p>1) Fastboot menu appears during Upgrade 1.4 (even if system recovers after a system reboot you should get a replacement).</p><p>2) Severe and persistent pixelation in all tiles of the top row of the Android TV home screen (text in tiles will be unreadable and does not become clear after a few seconds).</p><p>If your Shield Pro shows these symptoms then you need to contact Nvidia Customer Care at to arrange a replacement.</p><p>This recall comes just over a month after Nvidia recalled Shield tablets purchased between July 2014 and July 2015 due to a potential fire hazard.</p>Android Authority.

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