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<p>Doppler is a game that asks, "How long can you hold on?" For me, the answer is a desperate croak. "Not very long," I cry.</p><p>It's an infinite twitch game played with two fingers. Perhaps it's best described as a mix of Pivvot and a wire loop game - you know, the ones that buzz when you screw up.</p><p>You hold two of your fingers on either side of the central line, and then everything starts to scroll vertically. As the line bends and curves, it's your task to keep your two fingers close together without touching the line.</p><p>If you do touch it then you're a failure and have to start over. You can't just keep your fingers really far apart either.</p><p>An electric current runs between them and it needs to stay constant. The current will break if your fingers move too far apart.</p>.

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