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<p>Japanese studio Nude Maker has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the PC version of its point-and-click horror game NightCry.</p><p>As part of this, a video was uploaded to demonstrate the graphical differences between the mobile and PC versions.</p><p>You can watch the video in your browser here.</p><p>Given the low resolution of the video it may not be as easy to see the differences as you'd hope. Not to mention that different views inside the game are used instead of identical ones for easy comparison.</p><p>However, Nude Maker has said that the PC version will have the following advantages over the mobile version:</p>Detailed and natural hair animationImproved shadersImproved lighting and effectsFull facial animation &amp; lip synching for the game's characters<p>All that said, there's not a huge difference between the platforms. Certainly nothing that should put you off playing it either on mobile or PS Vita.</p><p>.

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