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<p>A Stranger Gravity was shooting for an April deadline to get its beautiful bird flock adventure Gathering Sky out into the world. It missed by a wide margin.</p><p>However, good news is ours today, as now the studio says it has a final release date for the game, and it's August 13th. That's on iOS, Android, as well as PC.</p><p>There's even a new trailer to seal the deal. Is it really happening? I think it is.</p><p>If you don't know, Gathering Sky is a 2D adventure that starts you off guiding a single bird, but eventually you get a whole flock.</p><p>You have to fly across serene skies, among the clouds, catching speed on drifts of wind. I wrote that it is, above all, a beautiful experience when going hands-on with it last year.</p>.

GAME NAME PopCorn Blast

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com.sigmateam.PopCorn Blast.free

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