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<p>We don't mean to alarm you, but in less than an hours time, James Gilmour is going to be live streaming Gloom over on Twitch. Seriously, if you're late to reading this sentence then there's a good chance he's already started and you're missing out on the pre-play banter. And that's gold.</p><p>What is he streaming? Why he's streaming the sad and hilarious digital adaptation of the sad and hilarious card game Gloom. It's a game about making sure your family, which is represented by the cards in your hand, have the most appalling life before they finally die. You can let them get ravaged by poodles, for example. Sad and hilarious, like we said.</p>If you click this link right now you'll be taken to the Twitch page where everything is going to kick off in a matter of minutes. You've got time to get a coffee, maybe have a quick shower if you want, but don't be too long. James is going to start soon, and while he'd love to wait for you, that's just not feasible now, is it?.

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