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<p>FreshPlanet, creator of music trivia quiz SongPop, has announced a rock music-focused spin-off called Rock On today. It's due out worldwide for iOS on April 2nd.</p><p>Single player only, Rock On builds on SongPop's Name That Tune mode to test your rock knowledge music.</p><p>You're tasked with listening to "actual recordings" (that's important, apparently) of rock songs and picking out which one it is from a multi-choice answer.</p><p>This is spread out across 80 levels with different game modes. These include going against the clock, sudden death (get a wrong answer and it's over), and a quickfire trivia challenge.</p><p>There are over 3,000 songs altogether, you can compete against friends, and there are direct links to buy songs on iTunes.</p>.

GAME NAME Super Hero Fight Club

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com.sigmateam.Super Hero Fight

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