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<p>Colin Lane, designer of the ridiculous, Silver Award-winning Wrassling, has been teasing a new golf game on his Twitter account called Battle Golf.</p><p>It's sequel of sorts to his game Golf is Hard, which saw you hitting near-impossible shots using simple touch-screen controls.</p><p>Battle Golf ramps up the silliness by adding local, competitive two-player mode in which golfers can knock each other out with a well-placed ball.</p><p>Don't worry, there will still be a single-player mode for those of you who don't like crowding around mobile devices with friends.</p><p>Oh, and there's a giant octopus (kraken?) that gets in your way on one of the courses. That's just not cricket. Or golf, for that matter.</p><p>Battle Golf should be out some time next month across the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.</p>.

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