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<p>With PAX having been and gone this past weekend, we've had a mountain of information regarding some of our favourite games. It was Telltale's panel that roused excitement as they released a window as to when we can expect to get our hands on The Walking Dead season three, and we only have to wait until November.</p><p>After the success of the previous two seasons we've had two years to start collecting our shattered emotions in preparation for this next hit. As mentioned in our previous article, The Walking Dead season three will feature two protagonists, Clem and Javier.</p><p>Clem's grown a bit since we've seen her last and Javier's interaction with her will allow newcomers to the series to get an insight into her past without playing the other two games (which you should anyway).</p><p>According to Telltale Games this November will see the game premiered on console, PC/Mac, and mobile platforms, however after its lengthy delay in Batman: The Game's mobile release we in the mobile community will probably take their word with a pinch of salt for now.</p>.

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