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<p>Flyhigh Works have announced that the rhythm game, Deemo, will be getting an update in late October that will make it compatible with the Nintendo Labo piano. The announcement comes via Twitter along with a nice video demonstration of one of the game's songs.</p><p><p>As many of you know, Deemo is getting a global update soon on #NintendoSwitch to add support for the #NintendoLabo piano! Check out a new demonstration below, ahead of the planned release in late October.— Flyhigh Works (@FlyhighWorks_en) September 1, 2018 The game was initially released on iOS in 2013 but was ported to the Switch last year. It's a rhythm game where you play the piano by tapping when the notes fall down the screen to the bottom, guitar hero style. But with this upcoming update you'll be able to play the levels using your Labo piano, and based on the video, it looks like it works quite well.</p><p>We quite liked the game when it was first released, our reviewer gave the game a bronze award. It's quite exciting to see that you'll be able to play the game on an actual piano, albeit a cardboard one.</p><p>Truth be told I'm surprised that another developer other Nintendo are utilising the Labo gear for some fun possibilities. It's awesome to see that Labo might have some more functionality other than what Nintendo has been producing, and perhaps Deemo will encourage other devs to try new things with the cardboard peripheral.</p><p>Deemo's Labo update will be released at the end of October but you can buy the game right now on Switch for £26.99/$29.99.</p>.

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