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Home Entrance Decoration Ideas 2021

Written by Kristina

“Every Wall is a Door”. Well that’s true only when you know how to decorate your home entrance. Although, home entrance decoration ideas are many but few do actually suit your taste and your idea of an ideal Home entrance decoration, so considering which we got a wonderful collection only for you. Pick the one that best fits you!!

  1. Keep the Entrance Elegant: The classic Black-and-white marble entryway floors along with the shiny dark blue curtains and walls adds an extra virgin elegant look to your doorway.

Georgian-style Atlanta home designed by Melanie Turner

  1. Go Daring with Dark Colors: Do something different!! If you are tired with the classic decors, dare to make a change by trying something unusual. The Lipstick pink  with some golden colored decor items is a total showstopper, although it might not be the most obvious choice for a foyer. But we love to do the same things differently. Infact, the Designer Jonathan Berger, used Benjamin Moore razzle dazzle, along with a Louis XV chair and table and an 18th-century Italian mirror could actually bring in the historic glamour in the dull house. Moreover, it’s been the most popular change for 19th-century Brooklyn townhouses. 

  1. Featuring a Prominent Instrument: Who doesn’t love a grand welcome? Of Course everyone, so to welcome your guest in the most warm way possible. Nothing ever could be better than featuring a grand shinny piano. Well you better keep the knowledge of playing the instrument too to give it a shot. The glossy black piano asserts a majestic, formal air of greeting while the light wood flooring, modern glass elements, and worn leather pieces indicates a grounded pleasure of your guests.

Designed by Dallas-based decorator Jean Liu

  1. Peace Enduring: It’s really astonishing that blue and white decor could be done in the most perfect way by none but Mark D. Sikes. Here, in this Beverly Hills foyer, the different patterns are stacked together in the most perfect way, mixed with the inclusion of China Seas wallpaper and textiles with Fermoie chandelier shades and an Elizabeth Eakins striped rug, to give it a well blended effect of blue and white. 

Designed by  Mark D. Sikes

  1. Go Grand: A sweeping staircase makes a grand majestic statement in the entry of a huge North way duplex. If you are a fancier and love grand classic decors this one is the best fix for you. 

P.S.: Garrow Kedigian, found this neoclassical-style antique gilt stool during one of his recent shopping trips. He’s a Paris flea market regular.

Designed by Garrow Kedigian

  1. Go Wild: If you want your doorway wild and natural, do justify your free spirit by going wild with Floor-to-Ceiling Pattern in your entrance. If you got a low-ceilinged space, don’t worry here’s a trick!! The top-to-bottom pattern and an oversized round mirror can actually make your space look taller. Because, the round mirrors don’t lower the ceiling, Unlike the horizontal ones. 

Designed by John Fondas

  1. The Hollywood Glamour: A dramatic staircase, classic butter-creamed rug, and a shiny dark brown marble floor make this brown feel foyer like it’s been plucked right out of an old Hollywood mansion.

Designed by Mary McGee

  1. Show Off an Art Gallery: If you want your entrance to set the tone for the house, then you must definitely add some colors and arts to it. This will bring your doorway come live. Such is a gallery-like foyer below, a house all about color, art and fascinating collections of beauty all around.  

Designed by Los Angeles-based Molly Luetkemeyer 

9. Go Warm and Live: The persimmon-colored hemp wallcovering adds a warm feel to the entrance due to its unique earthy-natural color. The texture also adds a casual touch to the sweeping scale to the doorway. It’s the best match if you are looking for something fresh and simple which seems bright. 

Designed by Bruce Shostak (used in this Park Avenue entryway)

  1. Playing With Mirrors: If you are a harmony and simplicity lover and wanna add a gentle touch of self love then this Manhattan foyer, a niche covered in antique mirrored panels, setting out a botanical wonderland like feel is just for you. 

Design by Celerie Kemble

Hope you liked our collection, and now are able to pick a desired style for your beloved home’s entrance. Stay updated for more such wonderful updates and ideas. 

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