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Best texture design for bedroom walls

Written by Kristina

We all have that one dream house we always aspire to build, those beautiful floorings, designer walls, classy window panes and so much more have we always been dreaming for. But it’s a very common dilemma which design to choose while setting up your dream house. Don’t worry you got it all here. I’ll be specifying you a list of beautiful designer house decor ideas that you will just love to have, so read the full article to find out your best match. 

Bright ecstasy, tall look Bedroom:

This bedroom wall texture idea gives a bright appearance and an illusion of a spacious, tall bedroom due to the clever use of its playful style through a clever tile mosaic pattern. The beautifully textured accent wall extends the short headboard for an integrated floor-to-ceiling effect, which creates a very balanced aesthetic look

Source : Image Box Studios

Industrial Look:

This bedroom wall texture idea gives an elegant industrial appeal. The elite rugged materials and geometric patterns used to give these bedroom walls a cool feel along with its sophisticated look. However, if you want this look and also don’t want this too cold feel, you can use some contrasting texture which will make this space feel warm and elegant at the same time. 

Source : Isadhora Omar

Impressionistic Interiors:

Concrete, pinstripes and rough wooden boards make for a whimsical layered wall treatment. This bright and rustic design could serve as fantastic inspiration if you’re looking for a way to use reclaimed or unusual materials.

Visualizer: Zrobym Architects

Wood and tile herringbone sets the backdrop for this dark, comfortable bedroom. Matte black paint opposite the window is an ingenious way to cut ambient light – perfect for people who like to sleep in late on the weekends

Visualizer: Ilya Leg4atov

These concrete walls are highly finished, yet retain the original form holes for character and urban flavor. The indirect lighting helps this heavy material look light as air, and draws attention to the textural details to make this bedroom pop.

Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina

Neat segmentation and directional contrast gives this small bedroom huge personality. Smooth white walls contrast against the concrete panels. Vertical wood slats make the modern reading area feel like its own distinctive space.

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